Ce 300 Unit 9 Project Homework

My Early Childhood Development Philosophy 2 My Early Childhood Development Philosophy My name is (student name). I earned an Associate of Arts degree majoring in Information Technology with an emphasis in Networking from the University of Phoenix in July, 2014. After that, I changed my career goal and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University. My intention is to become a certified behavioral therapist. Family Support One of the ways that I will support families that I serve is to be knowledgeable about services available in and around the local area. For example, here in California this would most likely entail connecting the families to the Central Valley Regional Center, which coordinates diagnostic services and other community resources to help the families of children with disabilities or developmental delays (CVRC, n.d.).

Video Assessment Unit 9The child in the video seems to be an overall happy child. He remains interested in his surroundings throughout the entire video. He interacts with his mother and remains engaged. He moves around the room freely while stills staying close by to his mother. Developmentally, the child observed in the video displays mostly typical development. He shines with his social/emotional skills but does seem to have a slight delay in his language development.The video displays the child exhibiting his developmental level in each domain. Althoughthe video is limited, I believe I came to a good understanding of the child’s developmental levels.Cognitively, the child is beginning to understand objects through visual aids. He can show his mother which picture belongs to which word she is saying. He remains interested in each activity, showing his very good attention span. Overall, the child’s cognitive development seems to be typical. Socially/emotionally, the child’s is developing beautifully. He interacts with his mother constantly throughout the video. He even interacts with the camera worker by holding a block out to them. He smiles on multiple occasions and seems very happy to be playing with his mother. He did not show any signs of delay in this area. In the physical domain, the child also seems to be developing typically. He walks with no assistance and can bend over and stand back up on his own. He has no problem grasping toys from the ground and maneuvering them in whatever way he pleases. The child did seem to have a small delay in his language development from what I could observe in this short video. I only observed him speaking one word clearly in the video, which was dog. He could imitate animal sounds but not able to pronounce many


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