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The Character Of Sherlock Holmes

In this essay I will explain why the Victorians found Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes character quite so compelling and why the stories are still so popular today. Victorians will have found Sherlock Holmes' very interesting because he was an upper class educate4d gentleman and this was the sort of person who was very well respected in Victorian times, and they would also have loved how he solved all his crimes, because there police force were so unreliable.

The stories are still so popular today because we modern readers enjoy the thrill of a mystery and the tension of a case, which Conan Doyle creates. In the rest of the essay I will analyse the structure…show more content…

Also to try and catch Jack The Ripper, the police dressed male boxer's up as prostitutes in the hope that Jack The Ripper would try to kill them, but that the boxer would beat him up and Jack The Ripper would be caught. However, this is clearly stupid, as male boxers look very unlike female prostitutes, and also in those days they would not have been able to disguise them as well as we today can, so this was an idea which was not ever going to work, but the police believed it would and would also never admit to being wrong.

In this section I will analyse the structure of Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes stories. Nearly all of the stories follow loosely the same general structure. They start with Watson looking through the casebook and focusing on one particular story, usually the most "fantastic" or "amazing," such as "The Speckled Band." He then begins to retell the story. After this the 'vulnerable' female usually enters, such as Kate Whitney in "The Man With The Twisted Lip." This is when Holmes usually first becomes involved and instantly impresses the client by saying something amazing yet simple, e.g. in "The Speckled Band"

Sherlock Holmes stories became extremely successful and were enormously

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Sherlock Holmes stories became extremely successful and were enormously
popular amongst people.


Sherlock Holmes detective stories have been known and loved by people
all around the world. Something magical was about the character of
Sherlock Holmes that makes him so famous all around the world. Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes stories. The author was a
young age doctor in 1886 when he set up a medical practice in South
sea, Hampshire. With fewer patients, making their way to his surgery
there was a lot of free time when he scribbled down some ideas for a
story involving a brilliant detective. Conan Doyle had already
previously published some short stories and articles and had been
working on two other novels when he became fascinated in writing an
original detective novel.

A Study in Scarlet was the first novel of Sherlock Holmes and was
published in 1887. Despite establishing those characteristics of
Sherlock Holmes, which was to make it so fascinating to read, the
story attracted little attention. About 44 stories and novels have
been published of Sherlock Holmes. These stories have been translated
to nearly every language.

Sherlock Holmes stories became extremely successful and were
enormously popular amongst people. There were many reasons for the
story to become so popular. The first and the main reason was that
Sherlock Holmes was the man who solved all the crimes and always
caught criminals. He was like the hero of the people in the Victorian
time when crimes were so widespread. London was dark and there was no
electricity at that time. People were scared to go out of their houses
at night when crime levels were so high. A perfect example of it is
jack the ripper. He was a violent murder and targeted pimps and
prostitutes. To people’s horror he also use to post body parts to the
police. The police could not catch him and people were getting furious
with them. There was no safety to the people. In such a situation and
environment, the hero for them was Sherlock Holmes. Not only that he
always solved the case he also caught the criminals and was against
evil. In his fiction stories, he was solving crimes that which people
expected from the police in real life.

People started getting interested in reading more and more about the
character of Sherlock Holmes and the way he solved the case. It was an
entertainment for people when they were travelling and there was
nothing else to do.

Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s was now starting to run out of stories for
Sherlock Holmes and even noted a point in his autobiography: “The

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difficulty of the Holmes work was that every story needed as clear-cut
and original a plot as a longish book would do. One cannot without
effort spin plots as such a rat.” Canon Doyle’s dissatisfaction was
growing when he was approached by the editor of The Strand for a
further twelve stories. The second series of stories, which became
known as “The Memories of Sherlock Holmes”, highly praised with the
story “silver Blaze” which was published in December 1892. The
exhausted task of creating these stories convinced the author that he
has to free himself and did just that in the story “The Final
Problem”. After the story was published, the offices of The Strand
magazine were overwhelmed with messages of grief, sympathy and most of
all anger.

In all his stories, Sherlock Holmes’ character is generally seen as a
tall skinny man – six feet of height, which was way up that the
average height in the Victorian time. This reflects his personality
that he was overpowering, intimidating and a strong man. He was a man
who only talks to the point and did not prefer to talk much if not
needed. He had a hawk-like nose and his chin had prominence and square
ness, which marks that he was a man of determination. He was also
very sharp and eager solve crimes. He would normally wear an ear
flapped travelling cap. His dressing was very neat which shows that he
was a proud and serious man. Sherlock Holmes was a thinker and his
classic position to think was to sit with his fingertips presses
together, legs stretched out in front and his gaze directed upwards to
the ceiling. He had the piercing eyes, which showed that he was very
observant and secretive.

The story of The Red Headed League is about a man called Jabez Wilson
who comes to Sherlock Holmes to find out about this company called The
Red Headed League in which he use to work and has suddenly dissolved.

He tells Holmes all the history of how he joined the company. The main
point in that story is that the company only employs people with red
hair and people earn money by just copying the encyclopaedia.

In one of the early stories The Red Headed League, Holmes character
different from what he is generally seen as. “Holmes chuckled and
wriggled in his chair, as was his habit when in high spirits.” P.g25.
this quote suggests that Holmes is acting like a kid who gets happy
and playful and senses fun and humour when Mr Jabez Wilson told him
about the advertisement of The Red Headed League - “I really wouldn’t
miss your case for the world. It is most refreshingly unusual.” P.g30.
We also discover some of Holmes mannerism, which people normally
would not expect a detective like him to have. Holmes is very
observant and quick to notice things – “Sherlock Holmes’ quick eye
took my occupation and he shook his head with a smile as he noticed my
questioning glances” p.g23.

Another mannerism of Holmes we discover in the story is that he likes
to smoke a pipe while he is thinking about the case – “it is quite a
three-pipe problem”, p.g33. We also realize that Holmes likes to be
alone when he is think “and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty
minutes” pg.33. This shows that he is very focused and thinks very
deeply about the case and does not like to get disturbed. It also
shows that Sherlock Holmes likes to work out things himself from the
story before going to the place and searching for clues. This shows
that he is an organised man and likes to plan what he does before
doing it. Something strange that we discover about Holmes’ character
in this story is that he takes great pleasure in listening to music –
“and then off to violin land, where all is sweetness, and delicacy,
and harmony” p.g34. This is strange because Holmes appears to be a
proud and serious man who is very intelligent in solving crime. He is
a detective who is harsh and tough and he enjoys listening to music,
which shows that he even has a softer side and is light-hearted where
he wants to take a break from his work and relax “and there is no
red-headed league client to vex us with their conundrums.” P.g34

The quote “Sherlock Holmes was not very communicative during the long
drive, and lay back in the cab humming the tunes which he had heard in
the afternoon” p.g37 suggests that Holmes is very moody. It suggests
that his mood changes depending on where he is or what he is doing.

The quote “Holmes sat up in his chair in considerable excitement”
shows that Holmes get active when he is exited or looking forward for
something. The quotation on page 42 “it saves me from envy” suggests
that Sherlock Holmes is very adventures and sees crime solving as an
escape from boredom. He enjoys his work and without a case to solve a
normal day is very dull for him.

The Speckled Band is a classic ‘locked room’ murder story - a story
where there appears to be no evidence of forced entry into or exit
from the victim’s room. Most Holmes stories have a clear sense of
right and wrong – the ‘goodies’ win and the ‘baddies’ are defeated.
However, some people wonder whether it is right that Holmes sets
himself up as judge, jury and, in this case…the executioner.

The story of Speckled Bend is about a young women’s strange death. The
girl name Julia stoner was murdered in a locked room and which is
suspicious because she utter wired words. Her sister thinks she has
died of fright ness and shock. She may have possibly bitten by
something poisons although there is no evidence of any bruises. The
prime suspects in the stories are the gypsies who are the travellers
and Dr Roylott who is the stepfather of the two sisters. He is a
violent and aggressive man who seems to be after the money of the two

The clue in the story for Holmes is that inheritance is to be passed
onto the daughters in the event of their marriage. This comes to a
deduction that Helen is now also in risk because she is engaged to be
married. For the same reason Julia’s engagement gave Dr Roylott a
motive to kill her strep daughter for her money.

Another clue in the story is the shrill whistling at 3am, which Julia
heard several nights before her death. This can be a signal from
someone to call an animal or to make someone aware of something.

In her story Helen, mentions that her sister smelled cigar smoke,
which means that there must be a passage between the two rooms through
which air can pass. The last thing that we discover is that the room
was dark when the murder took place because Julia had a matchstick and
the box in her hand when she was found. Dr Roylott is a very violent
man because Helen’s wrist was bruised. He can also bend metal bars
that suggest that he is very strong. Juliet’s last words were “Speckle
Band” which means that whatever that was responsible for her death
must be linked with Speckle and Band. This makes Dr Roylott a prime
suspect because he has a desire to collect animals such as the cheetah
and the monkey, which could mean that he might have some other animals
which we don’t know about and could have been used as a weapon to kill


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