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You can always find a wide range of dissertation topics for human resource management. But it is never easy to settle down on a specific one. You can start wide and thereby focus on a specific subject area. This can either be presented as a case study approach where you need to compare an actual organization(s) with the literature on the subject or contemporary research approach. However, in both the approaches, you need to remember that it should add depth to the paper and real-life scenarios. The following are the suggestions for dissertation topics of HRM. Our vast range of dissertation topic ideas will inspire you to create your own HRM dissertation topics. In addition to the topics, you will also find references and introduction of relevant dissertation topics. 

HR Dissertation Topic 1: 

Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness

1. Introduction:

The report deals with the impact of employee’s motivation on organizational effectiveness. In this, they explain what are the aims and objective of the report. Also discuss about the hypothesis method of employee motivation.


Fernandez, S. and Pitts, D. (2011).Understanding Employee Motivation to Innovate: Evidence from Front Line Employees in United States Federal Agencies. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 70(2), pp.202-222.

Giancola, F. (2010).Examining the Job Itself as a Source of Employee Motivation. Compensation & Benefits Review, 43(1), pp.23-29. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 2: 

The Impact of Short Term Employment Agreement in an Organization: A Case of Kenya Forest Service

1. Introduction:

The issue under the report was an inquiry in the possessions of short term employment on an organization. The report deals with the Kenya Forest Service which had significantly large information of staff on short term agreement.


Bratić, V. and Vukšić, G. (2014). Fixed-Term Employment During Transition. Eastern European Economics, 52(6), pp.57-76.

Dambrun, M. and Dubuy, A. (2014). A Positive Psychology Intervention Among Long-Term Unemployed People and Its Effects on Psychological Distress and Well-Being. Journal of Employment Counseling, 51(2), pp.75-88. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 3: 

The Relationship among Employee Motivation and Performance Appraisals – A Case Study of a Leading “Saudi Telecom Company”

1. Introduction:

The project observes the efficiency of Performance Appraisal in inspiring employees in the Saudi place of work, use the Saudi Telecoms Company (STC) as a case. The project expands this study into added research viewpoint within the circumstance of situation by compare the point of view of employees and executive.


Bishka, A. (2015). Soldering Motivation to Performance and Productivity. Perf.Improv., 54(5), pp.2-4.

Graves, R. (2015). Employing Incentive Programs to Close Performance Gaps. Perf.Improv., 54(5), pp.38-43. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 4: 

Organizational Behavior In Mining Sector Of US

1. Introduction

The study is having in depth discussion about the organizational behavior of mining in US. As mentioned by Wagner and Hollenbeck (2014), mining sector is the most strategic sector of US. On the other hand, there are all levels of employees in mining sector, so the organizational behavior is also different.


Wagner III, J. A., and Hollenbeck, J. R. (2014).Organizational behavior: Securing competitive advantage. Routledge.

Pinder, C. C. (2014). Work motivation in organizational behavior. Psychology Press. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 5: 

Analysis Of Impact Of Job Satisfaction On Employee Performance

1. Introduction

The study is having in depth discussion about the job satisfaction and employee performance relation (Artz and Kaya, 2014). There is also a discussion about the impact of job satisfaction of individual on their performance.


Artz, B. and Kaya, I. (2014). Job insecurity and job satisfaction in the United States: the case of public sector union workers. Industrial Relations Journal, 45(2), pp.103-120.

Castaneda, G. and Scanlan, J. (2014). Job Satisfaction in Nursing: A Concept Analysis. Nurs Forum, 49(2), pp.130-138. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 6: 

Impact Of New Technology Implementation On Employee Performance: A Case Study Of Ibm

1. Introduction

As mentioned by Appelbaum (2013),employee performance is based on several factors, that is, environment of workplace, communication among employees and other factors. On the other technology is also one of the factors which affect the performance of individual.


Appelbaum, E. (2013). THE IMPACT OF NEW FORMS OF WORK ORGANIZATION ON WORKERS”. Work and Employment in the High Performance Workplace, 120.

Davenport, T. H. (2013). Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business Press. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 7: 

Analysis of Motivational factors for employees in organization: A case study on Coles

1. Introduction

As mentioned by Mowday et al. (2013), employee motivation plays important role in Coles supermarket working. The Coles supermarket is one of the famous retail company in Australia and other region. And the numbers of employees are also from different region in their stores. Employee motivational factor is the main focus point of this study.


Mowday, R. T., Porter, L. W., and Steers, R. M. (2013). Employee—organization linkages: The psychology of commitment, absenteeism, and turnover. Academic Press.

Pinder, C. C. (2014). Work motivation in organizational behavior. Psychology Press. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 8: 

Analysis of impact of Employee Turnover on Organizational Profitability: A Study of Burger Kings

1. Introduction

The study is having in depth discussion about the impact of employee turnover over organization profitability level (Mowday et al., 2013). The organization selected by researcher for this study is Burger king, one of the famous food chain organizations.


Mowday, R. T., Porter, L. W., and Steers, R. M. (2013). Employee—organization linkages: The psychology of commitment, absenteeism, and turnover. Academic Press.

Epstein, M. J., and Buhovac, A. R. (2014).Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts.Berrett-Koehler Publishers. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 9: 

Impact Of Training And Development For Enhancing The Performances Of The Employees Of Mcdonald’s Usa, LlC

Background of the Study

Many past researches have pointed out that there are many potential candidates available in the market currently, who have greater qualifications and higher academic degrees. However, those researches have also revealed that these candidates are not yet ready or mostly unable to perform the organizational tasks effectively. As a result, many leading companies such as McDonald’s have started various training and development sessions for their employees in order to give them an opportunity to enhance their professional skills to become prepared for contributing effectively towards organizational performance.

Reference List, (2015).Training &Development :: [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Jul. 2015] ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 10: 

Effective Leadership Can Lead Future Growth for an Organisation

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Overview of the Research

Leadership is one of the essential aspects of human resource management (HRM), through which an organisation can enhance its overall outcome in terms of profitability and growth. In this regard, it is highly essential to identify the essential constituents of the effective leadership through conducting this particular research (Garvey, 2010).

Reference List

Van Kleef, G., and et al., 2010. On Angry Leaders and Agreeable Followers: How Leaders' Emotions and Followers' Personalities Shape Motivation and Team Performance. Psychological Science, 21(12), pp.1827-1834.

Bhattacharya, D. and Mukherjee, D., 2011. Goal Setting Tendencies, Communication Skills And Work Motivation Vis-À-Vis Age Difference – A Study On Public Sector Organization. Ijar, 1(9), pp.206-208. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 11: 

Benefits Of Human Resources While Adapting Change In An Organizaton: A Case Study On Cadbury

1. Introduction

The topic dealt in this report is benefits of Human Resources in while doing . In this report the aims and objective of the selected topic will be discussed. Along with that the hypothesis of HR benefits will also be discussed.

Aim of the Research Work

The aim of this report is to recognize the benefits that human resource is getting from the from the internal and external environment. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 12:

Role of Information Technology in the Human Resource Management: A Case Study on IBM

1. Introduction

In this report the topic which will be discussed is the role of information system in the sector of human resource management system. The aim and objective of this researched topic will also be discussed and along with that hypothesis will also be discussed which will show the requirement of information technology in human resource.

Aim of the Research Work

The main aim and objective of this research topic is to recognize the positive side that the information system is implementing in the human resource management system which will be very beneficial for the department in maintaining all the records which will be better for the future use. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 13: 

Effectiveness of appointing and training for an HR Executive for the better management of the employees: A Case Study on

1. Introduction

In this report the discussed topic is about the effectiveness of appointing and training of a HR executive so that they can become a better employee for the management. The objectives and the aims will also be explained in this report. The hypothesis will also be discussed with the method of appointing and training of the executives.

1.1 Aim of the Research Work

The main goal of this report is to find out the issues which are affecting the employees when they are appointed and trained for the role of HR executive. ........ Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 14: 

The Contribution Of Performance Management System To The Employees Of Coca Cola

Background of the Study

The internal and external business environment of Coca Cola is becoming dynamic due to various reasons such as increasing market competition. Going through the daily course of the business is not enough for deriving expected outcome. Therefore, it becomes essential for the HRM department of Coca Cola to try out of the box activities by implementing various strategies for enhancing the performance of the business. Performance management is one of those significant strategies typically performed by the Human Resource Management (HRM) personnel of Coca Cola for making crucial strategic decisions in order to improve the performance of the employees.

Reference List

Ahmadi, F. and Mirsepassi, N. (2010). Performance contagion and human resource layout: New concepts in performance management. Perf.Improv., 49(1), pp.25-33

Company, (2015). Employee Engagement. [online] The Coca-Cola Company. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2015] ........  Read the full Dissertation 

HR Dissertation Topic 15: 

Assessing The Concept Of Employee Motivation And Its Significance In Operation Of Primark

1.0 Background of the Study

The content of the study emphasizes upon the causes and consequences of employee motivation in Primark limited. The research will be discussing upon the reasons and significance of motivating the employees in the organization. Furthermore, the study is supported with certain theories focusing upon employee motivation. As motivation of the employees is very significant and beneficial for the company’s operation, the strategies chosen to implement motivation techniques in the organization must meet the objectives and aims of Primark as well.

References List


     Research is a vital and essential part of the Human Biology major. It is not necessary to do laboratory research, but the formulation of questions and the investigation of those questions, either in the lab, library, or field, are important parts of the integration of biological problems with real world concerns. It isn't necessary to definitively answer any given research question (you may end up with more questions than what you started with), but it is necessary to learn how to ask questions and how to devise ways of attempting to answer them. Ultimately, this is what life is all about - trying to answer the questions that you will encounter every day. The interface between science and society presents particularly complex questions that will have equally complex answers. The road from question to answer will not be straight. But, what you learn on that road will give you the skills you need for a lifetime of answering the hard questions.

     Students will work closely with their mentors to develop questions that can in some way be answered in a one-year project. You will also design your investigative rubric with your mentor and determine the specific components that must be included in a thesis appropriate for the type of analysis being performed. You may do projects in the lab or projects dealing with policy, ethics, law, or the social sciences. You will need to rigorously review existing literature, determine how answers to your question will fit into existing knowledge, and propose where your answers will lead further investigations. Your research should be thorough, rigorous, and you should not become so attached to one idea that you cannot see its flaws and prepare for the inevitable challenge to your ideas. Academic research, regardless of the field, is an intellectual dialogue and your challenge is to find a way to speak to two audiences - one in science and one in the humanities.

     The written thesis and formal presentation of the thesis to the public will then serve as a forum for thought and further examination of the complex problems you have investigated in your research. You must clearly present the biology and the humanity of your project and synthesize the two halves into a cohesive presentation. The thesis is a substantial written project and will take a considerable amount of time to write well. Set milestones for yourself and start writing early. The presentation is no less important and to some extent far more challenging. You have a limited amount of time, and a limited number of slides, to tell your story. You must identify what is most important and necessary and present that, knowing that your audience will not have access to your thesis. Your presentation will also therefore take some thought.

     Because you are dedicating at least a year of your life to this project, you should above all else pick a topic that interests you. Don't pick a question because you think the faculty will like it; pick a question because you want to research it. If you choose something you don't personally have an interest in, you will find it very difficult to stay motivated. There are lots of questions out there waiting to be asked, so keep looking until you find what interests you.

     For examples of work presented for the Human Biology degree, see the students page of this website for the titles of recent students' theses.


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